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Simple Card Tricks

World's Simplest Card Trick

This trick is really the simplest card trick!

You start this magic trick by taking out a pack of cards and then hand them over to a member of the audience requesting him/her to shuffle it properly. Next, ask him to call out two cards (just the names and not the suit). Once the person has named the two cards, you place your hand on the pack of cards and concentrate hard on the pack. Wait for a minute to pass before you ask the same person to turn over the pack of cards and spread them out. Lo and behold! The two cards he had named are right next to each other!

Things Required:

  1. A Pack Of Cards

Learn the Trick:

Actually there is nothing to learn or do! Well, on second thoughts, the only thing you may really have to is act as if you are concentrating really hard on the cards pack as you place your hand on them.

This magic trick is really simple and works by itself! Based on the principle of probability, it is based on simple mathematics.

Let's assume the person in the audience named the two cards as King and Queen. Now he is actually naming four card of each type as you have asked him not to specify the suit.

The theory behind this trick is that out of those 2 types of four cards each, at least one of the Kings in the pack of card will be next to at least one Queen.

Find it hard to believe? Why don't you try it out? It is possible that 10% of the time, you may find a card between the King and the Queen. But if this happens with you, just tell the audience member that you were not concentrating hard enough.

When you repeat this trick again, it's bound to work.