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Online Magic Tricks

Online Magic Tricks  
Magic is a mysterious attraction for everybody. This is the reason why it has been so popular through  history. At that time, the magic shows were the only places where you can see magic. However, later shows started to appear on television. Moreover, today due to the popularity of magic online magic tricks have emerged.

Online magic tricks are some magic tricks in which you can participate. Thus by sitting in front of a computer with an Internet connection you can experience as if you are really in front of a magician and participating in his magic.

These online magic tricks are far more exciting than watching magic on television. They can be more exciting than even the actual magic shows as many times, we do not get the opportunity of participating in magic trick and we just have to be a viewer.

Online magic tricks are simple and any body can participate in them. Most of them are based on mind reading. Some of the popular ones are card identification, or number identification, etc. for example during the trick related to cards, you are asked to select among a group of some 6-7 cards, a card in your mind. There is no need of clicking on that card or doing anything with which you think that the computer may know which card you have picked.  The computer will delete the card among group.

The number tricks as well are similar in which you are asked to hold a number from given options and then you have to go through some steps in which you have to add subtract, or do any mathematical operation. After completing the last step, computer will display the exact number, which you had in mind.

Online magic tricks do not need any web cameras or touch screens, etc, through which the computer can know what you are doing or thinking. Therefore, they are not dependent on such devices and you can experience them on any computer having an Internet connection.

When a person finds that the computer has recognized exactly what was in his or her mind he or she wonders whether it is a real magic. However, online magic tricks are not a real magic. They are just some trick, which fox you.

For example in the card trick of disappearing of the card that you had selected in your mind, all the cards in the group are replaced and also the number lessened by one so that the change of other cards is not noticed by you. Therefore, you do not find your card in that group and the reduction in the number of cards makes you think that, it is only your card, which is removed.

Online magic tricks are so beautifully presented that they fox most of the people. During presentation, mind of the viewer is diverted so that he does not notice that he is being foxed.

A number of websites provides such online magic tricks. Some of them offer them free, while some may charge some amount.