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Magic Tricks Kits

Magic Tricks Kits 
If you are passionate about magic shows and want to be a professional magician, you need to learn the magic tricks. It is quite exciting to see that people get astonished and entertained by your amazing magic tricks. When you start to learn the magic tricks, you should know about the basic magic tricks and its accessories. Magic tricks kits can be called as the primary requirement for performing magic tricks. These kits contain all the necessary things such as props that you may need for performing magic tricks.

Magic tricks kits enable you to perform simple as well as complicated and skillful magic tricks. There are many different types of magic kits such as beginners kit, kit for kids, street magic kit, professional magic set and electronic magic kit. These kits consist of number of items suitable for users requirements and they are good enough to inspire the performer. They can provide excellent material to learn and master several magic tricks including vanishing tricks, cups and balls, magical illusions, color changing thimbles and many more to mystify and entertain the people. 

Magic tricks kits are designed to develop maximum impact and astonishment. They consist of:
* a booklet that can provide you the instructions about how to learn the magic tricks.
*  magic mystery box,
* magic hat with insert,
* plastic cups,
* foam rabbits,
* fuzzy balls,
* double sided sucker,
* magic wand, and
* a hanky vanisher with cord.
Along with all this you will also get a
* drawer box,
* thumb tip with suction cup,
* crazy coin maker,
* quarter box and lid,
* spot card,
* three-piece cage dice trick,
* blue tube,
* red plastic balls,
* 6-inche double sided tape,
* rabbit paddle,
* orange ball,
* number card,
* green ball,
* half ball, ring,
* ring with false bottom, r
* abbit token,
* card box with insert,
* x-ray cube and lid,
* coin penetration box and
*  lid and unbelievable tricks card deck.

Magic tricks kits for kids consist of colorful magic toys. Kids can learn quick easy magic tricks using these kits. Most kids magic kits consist of :

* drawer box,
* block through wand,
* card box changing rabbits,
* wonder tube,
* lollipop trick,
* x-ray color vision,
* curved strips,
* magic wand,
* magnetized wand,
* ball and
* vase.

If you use magic kits that come in pairs, you can perform wonderful magic tricks. Some magic kits come with DVDs and CDs that offer clear instructions about performing magic tricks. The electronic magic wand includes magicians table, disc, trick cards, coins and matchboxes.

The magic kits for the novice magician consist of easy to follow instructions and all the tools including :

* amazing money printer,
* astounding illusion box,
* sensational slate prediction,
* the floating match,
* incredible card tricks and much more.

The magic kits for professional magicians contain some items ideal for complicated magic tricks. The price of magic tricks kits may vary depending upon number and type of items it contains. You can get these different types of magic kits at magic shops and stores. You can also purchase them through online shopping. These kits can be a wonderful gift for the kids on birthdays and other occasions.