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Recommended Magic Resources

With the advent of the internet, there has been a dramatic surge in the number of free-magic resources. Some of these are fantastic (for instance - we offer 10 free magic ebooks if you subscribe to our newsletter) - but they don't always give detailed, easy-to-follow instructions. If you are new to the art of magic it can be even harder.

Anyone who has ever performed magic or card tricks in front of an audience will know the incredible feeling that comes with performing a successful trick. However, it's also fair to say that more than one magician has been humiliated by a mis-timed or ineffective trick.

To help you build your skills to a level where you can be truly confident of achieving flawless (and yes magical) performances - we have gathered together a list of recommended resources you can purchase that provide fantastic reference material for almost all forms of magic.


"Telling Tales" - Amazing Psychological Magic Tricks

Telling Tales features two amazing psychological tricks suitable for use in a casual setting. Our personal favourite is "Big Spender", a surreal display of influence in which a performer pays for lunch using pay money with no objection from the server who even brings back change! Nothing is pre-arranged. "Telling Tales" is a set of cutting edge mentalism magic tricks that has only just been released! Mentalism Magic Tricks at their best

Download Magic

Download Magic offers a great way to purchase incredibly affordable single magic tricks. Browse through their extensive collection, and for a few dollars you can be learning the latest and greatest magic tricks. I've purchased over half their repetoire - and the common denominator seems to be easy to follow text with great illustrations. Perfect for filling in the gaps in your collection. Find it here

Master Mentalism | Even if you have never done a magic trick in your life.

This was one of the first items I purchased for my magical library. It combines cutting edge magic tricks and illusions with fascinating interviews with some of the top names in magic. Has up-to-the minute illusions and tricks that cover the full spectrum of street magic, object magic, remote viewing, all forms of traditional music. Comes with bonus updates for a year (as new tricks are invented) and a complete money back guarantee. Find it here.

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