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Learn Free Card Tricks - The Card Prediction

An interesting card magic trick!

You simply place a pack of card on the table and ask the audience member to think of any number from 5 to 15. Assuming they think of number 12, you ask him to count that number down the pack of cards as he deals a card for every number. When they reach the 12th card, ask them to turn it. Let’s assume the 12th card is a 2 of clubs. You ask him to open an envelope that has been kept on the table the whole time. They find a note inside that says, “You’ll choose the 2 of clubs”.

Things Required:
1.One Pack of Cards
2.An Envelope
3.A Pen
4.A Sheet of Paper

Learn the Trick:
1.Start by writing, “You’ll pick the 2 of clubs” on the sheet of paper, fold paper and put inside the envelope. Also put the 2 of clubs on top of the pack.

2.Put this envelope and pack of cards on the table

3.Ask one of the audience members to think of any number from 5 to 15. (Assume that the person has thought of #12)

4.Now demonstrate to them how to count 12 in going from top to bottom and deal a card for each number counted on the table.

5.When you are done counting, just collect all the dealt cards and put them back on the top of the pack. So while, he thinks you are showing him what needs to be done, you are really reversing the order of the 12 cards at the top and placing the 2 of clubs in the12th card’s position.

6.Ask him to repeat your steps and turn the 12th card to face up.

7.It will be the 2 of clubs.

8.Next ask him to open the envelope and read the note.

9.Take a bow as the spectators clap.