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Amazing Optical Illusions

Click the thumbnail images to vew the full size optical illusion
Optical illusions can be a lot of fun and a source of amazement and wonder. In an optical illusion the eyes and the brain are basically tricked into seeing something that really isnt there.

Many of these images seem to move when you look at them even though they are not animated in any way.

In others you will experience strange color changes or even extreme distortion.

The optical illusions here are not animated in any way. They are simple graphics that have no actual movement or color change.
(No optical illusions were harmed in the production of this website.)

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Mystery man

Magic Dots

Moving Box

Moving Circles

Fake Spiral

Moving Wave


Cafe Wall Illusion

The Red & Pink

Yorick's Skull

Find the boat

How many faces

Duck or Rabbit?


Amazing Elephant