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How To Do Magic Tricks

How To Do Magic Tricks? 
Magic tricks are popular among both young and adults because they are absolutely fascinating. Performing magic tricks is a good way to entertain people, especially children. No wonder shows organized by magicians are crowd pullers as people love to watch magic tricks. There are a few books available in the market that can give you some tips if you want to know how to do magic tricks.

You can take the help of the internet in case you want to know how to do magic tricks. It requires a lot of practice in order to perform magic tricks on stage. These websites can help you learn magic tricks in a step by step manner by using video demonstrations or slide shows. Thus, magic tricks like coin trickery, card tricks, levitating illusions can be easily learnt as they are readily revealed on such websites.

There is a popular card trick, which you can try doing at home; herein the spectator has to select a card, sign it and then keeps it on the deck of cards. The magician then shuffles the deck and the signed card sticks on to the ceiling but the remaining cards fall.

To do this trick:
* you require a pen, cards and wax (magicians wax).
* Allow a spectator to choose a card, which is then returned after signing it.
* Shuffle the card in such a way that the signed card is at the top of the deck.
* Stick the magicians wax on it without anybody noticing it.
* Toss this pack of card in the direction of ceiling. As the spectators card is at the top, it should stick and other cards will definitely wall.

Learn how to do magic tricks from a professional magician. It is one of the best way to learn magic tricks. You must have seen magicians performing card trick on stage. You wonder how they perform but actually these tricks are very easy. There are a number of tricks associated with cards. Card on ceiling is one such card that you can do it on your own.

There are many illusions and fascinating tricks that can be done using coins. It is interesting to know that simple objects like coins are the foundation of some amazing magic routines. The easy coin vanish is a very simple coin trick which you can easily perform it at home.

In this trick, the magician places a coin on the table and then the coin mysteriously vanishes after some time. You too can perform this trick as it is very simple. To do this trick:

* put a coin on the table using your left hand.
* Now with the help of right hand press the coin by your index, middle and third finger.
* Make sure that hand and arm remains parallel with your table.
* Slide the coin in your direction.
* When sliding it, ensure that your fingers completely cover the coin.
* Slide the coin, until the coin drops on your lap without the audience seeing it.
* Touch your middle finger with your thumb to show your audience that you are picking the coin when the coin reaches the end of the table.
* You should still keep your fingers closed and stare the audience indicating where the small coin should be.
* Move the thumb in a circular manner and tell the audience that the coin will disappear now.
* Turn your hand slowly and spread the fingers apart. For the audience the coin will have completely disappeared.

This vanishing act definitely leaves the audience spell bounded. Learning how to do magic tricks may be easy but convincing others, that it is indeed magic requires tremendous practice.