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Free Easy Coin Tricks

Hand Flip Free Easy Coin Trick

This is a cool and easy magic trick of vanishing coins.

The most important factor in this magic trick is the position of the two coins in the palms of your hand. With the movement of your hands from the palms up position to the palms down position, the coin held in the center of the palm just falls down straight, though the coin close to your thumb just reaches the center of the palm and is hurled in the direction of the other hand. And is there anything that a little practice can’t achieve?

Things Required:

  1. Two Coins

  2. A Table

Learn the Trick:

  1. Hold one coin in the center of the Left hand, and hold the second coin near to the thumb of the right hand. Positions are crucial!

  1. Flip both your hands quickly straight down onto a table. As you flip your hands, the coin in the right hand would have shot under your left palm to give company to the 2nd coin. The 2nd coin from the left hand will fall down straight.

  1. Now reveal your right hand showing that it doesn’t hold any coins

  1. Ask the audience about where they think the two coins are. The audience will probably tell you that there is one coin under each hand.

TIP: If you move the pinkie of your right hand a tad, audience will believe that the coins are hidden under your right hand. And you then you can simply prove that it’s wrong!

  1. Reveal both coins as being under the left hand!

  1. You can also repeat this magic trick, but you need to be quick so that no one in the audience can notice the coin positions in your palms.

  1. Next time use your right hand instead of the left!