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MAGIC AND CARD TRICK EBOOKS (Please note that the free version had to be discontinued due to gross abuse)

Magic Trick Ebooks

Magic Trance is now offering a classic ten pack of magic trick ebooks for the low price of $1.99.

These simple, easy-to-follow tricks will have you up and performing in no time at all! .

Each of these books would cost you up to $5 elsewhere - and we are offering all of them for just $1.99.

Book 1: Close Up Magic
Book 2: David Blaines Magic Secrets Revealed
Book 3: 120 Card Tricks
Book 4: Hypnosis for Beginners
Book 5: 10 Easy Card Tricks for Beginners
Book 6: How to Hypnotize People and Other Living Things

Book 7: Easy Mentalism - Convince people you can read their mind.

Book 8: Perfect Haunted Deck Card trick (stunning)

Book 9: Refilling Water Body magic trick

Book 10: Rope through Body magic trick

Want Something more?

Magic Trance can recommend the following ebooks as being a great introduction to magic and card tricks. Everything we recommend we own and love!

Magician's Levitation Ebook

Levitating magic card trickHow would you like to be able to levitate a credit card, paper money or a playing card? The Magician's Levitation ebook will teach you step by step how to perform this magic trick. This book includes more than 20 color pictures making this trick easy to learn

Mind-Reading Ebook

How would you like to be able to Create the impression you can read minds.
Learn the simple tricks that will have everyone convinced you have ESP. Entertaining and highly recommended.

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