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Easy Magic Tricks

Easy Magic Tricks 

A magic trick may help you to make someone forget himself and get interested. If you are very good at performing magic tricks, you can make new friends by entertaining people even during traveling or during leisure period. Here are some easy magic tricks to help you become an expert magician.

Holding two coins in your hand, you can perform so many easy magic tricks without a lot of practice. Swindled coin trick is one of the most interesting coin tricks and anyone can perform it easily in front of spectators:

* To perform this magic trick, take a marker pen and some coins. First, keep those coins in your left trousers pocket and take out a hand full of coins from the pocket in front of viewers.
* Hold a black marker pen in another hand and request one of the viewers to choose a coin and mark it with an X by marker pen.
* Then take that coin in your left palm and keep the rest of coins in your left pocket.
* After that, put the coin against the leg directly below the pocket and rub it into a cloth, upon which it will disappear.
* Later on, you will find the coin in your pocket where you put the rest of the coins.
* Though as spectator the trick seems difficult it is very easy to perform. When a spectator marks a coin with an X, the right hand of a magician pretends to take it back and at the same time, the marked coin is covered by another coin in the same hand. Then a magician holds his hands up in air and makes people believe as if there is a coin in his hand. He stays in the same position for a while to show the spectators that the marked coin is not there in his left hand.

You can learn so many easy magic tricks, if you read any book or magazine on magic tricks. The card divination is one of the easiest magic tricks. To perform this trick you have to follow the following instructions:

* Take six play cards and perform this trick in front of viewers.
* Put down a series of six play cards on a table and then ask one of the viewers to mark one of the six cards to choose it.
* To perform this trick perfectly you will require an assistant to help you. The assistant will point at several cards and will ask the magician is this the same card? When the helper points to the exact card, the magician recognizes it as the selected card.
* A magician places six cards on a table in two columns of three rows and moves away when the viewer silently marks to a card.
* At the same time, the assistant notices the selected card. Then the assistant asks showing each card if it is the card and the magician answers no.
* when the assistant points at the right card, he touches the pip that matches to the position of the selected card on the table and the magician says yes.
* To make this trick simple, if the selected card is six of hearts, the assistant will point to the six on the card and the magician will answer positively.

In this way, you can perform some of the easy magic tricks in front of your friends. Have fun!